Physio Therapy

Cryotherapy (cold)

The benefits are reduction of pain and swelling. This is preferred typically in the initial stage of an injury.

Intersegmental Traction

There are twenty four moveable vertabra in the spine. Intersegmental Traction helps to remove the fixations that may occur in the spine creating better motion.

Light therapy

Occurs in different forms and wavelengths such as cold Laser or Infrared. The “light” penetrates to the cellular level which helps the cells regenerate which equates to faster healing time.

Electric Muscle Stimulation

A general term for Interferrential Current, High Volt Galvanic, Transcutaneous Electric nerve Stimulation (TENS), Premodulation or Russian Stimulation. Depending on the type of current used, pain reduction, muscle spasm reduction and or muscle re-education occurs.


Therapeutic Ultrasound is a sound wave therapy which reduces swelling and breaks scar tissue which typically occurs after an injury.

Moist Heat

The benefits are increased blood supply which brings nutrients and oxygen to help heal the injured area. Care should be taken to use moist heat and not dry heat. In addition, heat is not recommended in the initial stage of injury as it may create more inflammation and pain.

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